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Trained Guard Dogs -

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Civic Involvement

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House Dogs -


House Dogs -

Countryside Kennels

Main Street
North Humberside
DN14 0AE
United Kingdom

Tel: 01405 861821

NB: The officers shown on this website are actual clients of Countryside Kennels, not models.

Welcome to Countryside Kennels

Jan 5th, 2009 by admin | 0

Dogs for every job!

  • Domestic Guard Dogs
  • Trained Security Dogs
  • Personal Protection Dogs
  • House Dogs

We also have Alsation puppies for sale and we supply German Shepherds, Labradors & Spaniels to government services both in the UK and world wide. We have a good selection of German Shepherd [Alsatian] puppies and adult dogs available at all times.

We also sell dogs to members of the public and, as a private customer, our years of knowledge and experience in providing dogs to the very high standards demanded by governments mean that you can be as completely confident as our professional clients when you come to us with your requirements.

Our kennels, located in the quiet rural surroundings of East Yorkshire, are maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness.

We provide all aspects of training, including personal protection, obedience training and guard dog training.

We are an established supplier of dogs to many UK based security dog training and supply companies.

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